Saturday, December 06, 2008

More winners....

Here are the winners of the 2nd round of giveaways


Giveaway 7:Nina!

Giveaway 8: Ayla!

Giveaway 9: Gaynor!

Giveaway 10: The tree ~Gaynor!

Giveaway 11: The sampler ~Kathy!

Giveaway 12: Santa ~Agne!

Giveaway 13: Snowlady ~Sally!

Giveaway 14: Candelit Noel~xangles!

Thank you to all that entered, its been a great pleasure doing this.

Click on my name to send me your snail mail addy.


Ayla said...

I'm very happy! Thank you Michelle!

Agne said...

Michelle, thank you once more :)

Gaynor said...

Have been running around the house yelling ' I won'....good job we live in the middle of nowhere lol!
Thank you so much for this..I am sooooo pleased...really brightened my day !
Thank you!!

Gaynor said...

Really excited to have won this!!! Thank you soo much, really brightened my day lol

Sally said...

Thank you so much Michelle! I am so happy to have won your giveaway for the snowlady:)

Have just emailed you.

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