Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Giveaway no.8

I am de-stashing and I am giving some things away if you would like to win these just leave a comment, I will make the draw on Sun 7th.

This giveaway contains :
Aida 14 count, 8 dmc threads and a cold wash mexican red dye to play with.

This is giveaway no.8

I am hoping to have 25 giveaways by the end of this month, here are the previous ones so far....
Christmas giveaway no.1
Christmas giveaway no.2
Christmas giveaway no.3
Christmas giveaway no.4
Christmas giveaway no.5
Christmas giveaway no.6

Christmas giveaway no.7
Good luck to those who enter


Kryx said...

Dear Michelle,

I'm here again, please add me to the list. Very nice present, I love it.


Agne said...

Please, count me too :) Thanks :)

Jeanie said...

Please add me in your list for this one too ! Thank you !

Ayla said...

Wow, beautiful giveaway! Please count me too. (again :-))Thank you!

Ayla said...

Thank you very much! I'm so happy!

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