Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pass the piglets

My friend Carol, crocheted these cute pigs for the game pass the piglet, they are absolutely adorable so much fun to play with. Here is an online link for the game.
Thank you Carol! I love them!
Pattern found here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mail art #11 Arrived!

And news of one more arriving! This one is to Dawn in the USA. This exchange from Mailartfriends was themed on tea and coffee. I used a mill hill kit , I love these kits and mostly stitch the Christmas ones, but here was a great opportunity to stitch the cappuccino one. The envelope was heavier as it had beads on it, but seems to have arrived with the beads intact! This means more fun for embellishing the mail art envelopes!

Mail art #10 Arrived!

The mail art to Janet arrived! Always so nervous with these, you wonder if they will arrive safely, and when they do you are so happy!

The design on this one is from Stitcher's World magazine March 2001 issue designed by Kandace Thomas called "Black Crow Sampler". I adapted it so it would fit on the mail art envelope and used my own colou choices.

In this MA I also stitched the lining of it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mail art #13

Postman came!!!!! And brought another mail art! Its a beautiful cross stitched envelope from Dawn in the USA. This exchange from Mailartfriends was themed on tea and coffee.

The design is from Lizzie Kate, one of the designers I love, called "Love my coffee" from the coffee crazy trio.
cute teapot and cup on the front

The contents are such a delight, wonderful tea and a scissor decoration ( I do not know the name of this, comments to add the correct name is appreciated, Thank you Meari, she was first to reply= its a scissor fob! ) with a cute frog to guard me from stitching mistakes!

On the front, where the envelope closes, are these great silver teapot and cup.
Thank you Dawn for this lovely exchange!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mail art #12

A beautiful mail art arrived today! its from the house themed exchange from Anastasia. Its her first mail art, and its really lovely! thank you Anastasia! (Anastasia if you have a link to your site I would like to add it to the post.)



How stamps look for those asking questions about MA travelling through the post service :)

Pictures of houses near Anastasia's house including her own.
Thank you again!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Alex and homework

This is my 7 years old's doodle she drew tonight. That's her on the right calling for help and the hand is the teacher (on the left), isn't this picture full of humour? Its called "Trouble with Homework" and by the looks of the hair, its really troublesome.

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