Sunday, January 13, 2013

First knitting block

We have moved country and most of my arts and crafts are still in boxes.
However a new magazine has started here and it has an interesting project , a patchwork knitted  blanket. It cought my eye and thought why not, an opportunity to start some knitting.
 My first block is in garter stitch, a simple one but very excited about the other blocks .The colours are lovely too.
Furthermore, this year I would like to finish two quilts for my daughters, I have the tops ready, they just need quilting. Obviously I would like to try to finish some cross stitching projects, when I find them :)
Luckily, I do have my Christmas ornament mag, so would like to make some ornies every now and then. I have finished two already and will post them soon.

Some videos on how to:


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