Sunday, January 13, 2013

First knitting block

We have moved country and most of my arts and crafts are still in boxes.
However a new magazine has started here and it has an interesting project , a patchwork knitted  blanket. It cought my eye and thought why not, an opportunity to start some knitting.
 My first block is in garter stitch, a simple one but very excited about the other blocks .The colours are lovely too.
Furthermore, this year I would like to finish two quilts for my daughters, I have the tops ready, they just need quilting. Obviously I would like to try to finish some cross stitching projects, when I find them :)
Luckily, I do have my Christmas ornament mag, so would like to make some ornies every now and then. I have finished two already and will post them soon.

Some videos on how to:



Winifred said...

Happy New Year Michelle!

Love that knitting. It's now my favourite hobby. I used to knit all the time when I was young.

So pleased to hear you have finally got your move completed. Apologies for not being in touch sooner. I'll email you.

Ascension said...

Me encanta ese color, seguro que acabas todo el punto que tienes pendiente, este te esta quedando prcioso.
besitos ascension

Sandra said...

Hi Michelle!!! You moved to a new country? I didn't know. Hope you're doing well.

Knitting is relaxing and the next thing to meditation. The color is gorgeous!

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