Sunday, October 26, 2008

Natural dyes

I did some research on Natural dyes and these are what I came up with :

Orange = Yellow Onion skins and Chili powder

Pale green = Spinach Leaves

Red = Cranberries, Fresh Beetroot, raspberries, strawberries

Brown - Dill seeds, coffee, tea

Olive green=Boletopsis grisea mushroom , chamomile

Blue = Red Cabbage leaves ,Blueberries

Rich Blue = Woad leaves

Yellow = Orange/lemon peels, carrot tops, celery seed, ground cumin and ground turmeric, fresh green comfrey plant

Copper = Red Onion skins, henna

Greeny Gray = Whole Nettle plants

Pink =- Sorrel Roots

Purple = eggplant skins



Yuko said...

Oh wow, Michelle!
I love to dye fabrics by myself, and so this your research result will be very helpful for me!
Thanks for sharing!



Patty said...

That's so interesting! Thank you for the You Tube videos too.

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